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Lucid Activity | Module 3 | Lesson 10 | Part 3

Combined Lucid Dream Techniques

Imagine stepping into your gym or training facility in the middle of the day.

Amongst the noise of moving machinery and the thud of dumbbells hitting the floor, you’ll also notice a wide array of exercises in progress.

The benefits of each depend on the individual’s goals and targets.

However, the compound exercises maximise workout efficiency – enhancing functional strength and increasing calorie burn, among other benefits.

In a familiar way, lucid dreaming offers a range of techniques – with lucid dream experts, scientists and doctors debating their success rates.

Each technique can be used in isolation, but the real power comes from combining them like a compound exercise.

My mission with this course has always been simple – to remove ambiguity from lucid dreaming so you can experience it sooner. The truth is, achieving lucidity is just the beginning…

Using your lucid dreams to enhance your fitness will take everything up a level – with this being quite challenging to do until you frequently start having lucid dreams.

Therefore, instead of listing every variation of lucid dream technique, I’ve chosen to create two separate blends of well known techniques that work very well together.

For this lesson, we’ll cover my first blend of beginner friendly techniques. As you progress and get better at inducing lucidity, we’ll explore a second, and more advanced blend in the third and final stage of this course.

The first blend of techniques that we’ll focus on are WBTB (Wake Back To Bed) and MILD (Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams).

Think of WBTB as your core exercise, similar to the bench press at the gym that can yield impressive results by itself.

Then there’s the MILD technique, which acts like a supplementary exercise that enhances your main routine – as if you were adding chest fly sets to complement the effects of the bench press.

When WBTB and MILD are combined, you’re creating a wonderful synergistic effect – much like combining exercises.

The power of WBTB is used to steer you towards REM sleep with a conscious mind, while being amplified by the intention-setting properties of MILD – increasing your chances of experiencing a lucid dream.

So let’s explore how to use this combination.

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